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          學術預告:Tharnier O. Puel 博士談“Non-equilibrium phase transition on spin chain Ising model”
          來源:理學院作者:理學院時間:2019-06-11 點擊:44



          報告內容:The generalization of quantum phase transitions to non-equilibrium conditions raises a number of questions, in particular, if and how out-of-equilibrium critical phenomena can be categorized into universality classes, in analogy with thermal equilibrium. Here we explore the non-equilibrium steady-state of a transverse magnetic field Ising chain coupled at its ends to magnetic thermal reservoirs. We generalize the phase diagram [1] to non-equilibrium conditions obtained by applying a magnetization bias to the reservoirs [2]. Our findings show that out-of-equilibrium conditions allow for novel critical phenomena not possible at equilibrium.

          [1] P. Ribeiro and V. R. Vieira, Phys. Rev. B 92, 100302(R) (2015).

          [2] T. O. Puel and S. Chesi and S. Kirchner and P. Ribeiro, arXiv:1809.07219. Accepted in PRL.

          報告人簡介:Dr. Tharnier O. Puel researches different fields on Solid State Physics with focus on topological phases of matter and non-equilibrium systems. He specialized on phase transitions in topological superconductors during his PhD in 2014, shared between UFSC-Brasil and IST-Portugal. The next two years were spent in the Brazilian Center of Physical Research as Postdoctoral researcher, focusing on the effect of multi-bands on non-conventional superconductivity. In 2017, Dr. T. O. Puel has joint a Postdoctoral position at Beijing Computational Research Center and IST-Lisbon, during which he extended his research to the physics of non-equilibrium open quantum systems. Since April he joined the Correlated Quantum Matter Group at Zhejiang University.

          地址:浙江省杭州市余杭區倉前街道余杭塘路2318號 郵編:311121 聯系電話:0571-28865012

          本科招生熱線: 0571-28865193 研究生招生熱線:0571-28865143

          浙ICP備11056902號 版權所有 杭州師范大學 Copyright ? 2008

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          學術預告:Tharnier O. Puel 博士談“Non-equilibrium phase transition on spin chain Ising model”

          來源:理學院 作者:理學院 時間:2019-06-11 點擊:44